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Here you can find some of my works as a Concept Artist.

In early 2013 I worked on Freedom Factory Studio creating concepts for Falling Skies Game. I was in charge of environment, characters and props design, with a realistic style and the TV series aesthetics. Unfortunatly the game was cancelled at an early stage.

After the cancelation of Falling Skies went on to work on Kick Ass 2 the Game, a game for pc, xbox360 and ps3. On this project I worked on various areas, such as character design, environment, props, level desing, textures, particles and editing levels in the engine. It was closer to the comic aesthetic than the movie, using cellshading, bright colours and ink stroke.

In 2011 I collaborated with Mandoble Studios for the visual development of an mmorpg with realistic design set in the middle ages. The project was cancelled due to funding issues.

En 2014 trabaje haciendo la imagen del juego de mesa Rocky Crown para Loarre Games. A lo largo de 2015 esta previsto que salga en campaƱa para kickstarter.


Here are some images from other projects.